BRONKS is a Brussels children's art house with an accent on theatre.  Veerle Kerckhoven and Marij De Nys are the artistisc directors. BRONKS aims with its artistic and art education activities to stimulate children, youth and their environment to discover and explore the possibilities in ourselves and in the world.

Each season BRONKS invites several artists to make a production for children or youth. This results in three in-house productions per year, presented not only in the BRONKS theatre, but also on tour. A new theatre text is written for many BRONKS creations. By offering both starting theatre makers and established names and artists from other disciplines the opportunity to create their first performance for children, BRONKS aims to generate enthusiasm for the performing arts for a young audience.

In addition to its own work, BRONKS also presents guest productions from beginning and experienced companies and makers from Flanders, the Netherlands and sometimes from other countries. Moreover, BRONKS has attention not only for theatre, but also for music, dance, the visual arts and film.

BRONKS has developed extensive educational activities for schools as well as for children and youth who wish to pursue the performing arts in their free time. Students and teachers can come to BRONKS for school performances, introductions, post-performance discussions, workshops and long-term theatre projects. Via STUDIO BRONKS, the house organises workshops outside school hours in which children and youth can actively explore the theatre medium.