BRONKS is Brussels’ Dutch-language theatre for young audiences. We do our own productions, invite visiting companies, have an extensive educational operation and organise festivals and events to suit a variety of audience groups.

BRONKS asks artists to deal with relevant and provocative topics in a way that appeals to a young audience. Both beginners and established names are invited to do productions. BRONKS productions are appealing and relaxing, but also contrary and demanding. It is theatre that engages with the world and provides a means by which to understand it better. In our own productions and a varied and well-considered choice of guest productions, our aim is to surprise, take risks, confront and display intelligence and humour.

BRONKS is, in the metropolis that is Brussels, both homely and cosmopolitan; sexy, exuberant, just a little dangerous, but also open-minded, comfortable and warm. The city is reflected throughout our work as a crossroads of cultures, identities, languages and art forms. We are always looking out for the ties between our own artistic work and the artistic needs of vulnerable groups and those that are harder to reach.

STUDIO BRONKS is the department that engages in art education in and beyond the school building and school day. The projects that take shape here are as important to us as breathing. Not only for children and adolescents who are familiar with theatre, but also for those for whom it is unknown (and unloved) territory so they can discover that art is a medium with which they can express themselves. The intensive interaction between professional performing artists and creators on the one hand, and children and youngsters on the other, keeps BRONKS firmly in the real world.


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