• Place BRONKS - kleine zaal
  • Length50'
  • LanguageDutch & French

Three figures on a stage.
They look into the auditorium with big scared eyes…
Who’s out there? What are they doing here?
Should they be afraid?
Should they tremble?
They are in any case strange, unknown, frightening and very small.

WA WILDER MAN is about our bizarre reactions to the new, the unfamiliar and everything unknown.

by Liesje De Backer, Karolien De Bleser, Amber Goethals, Lotte Vaes and Sarah Vangeel
cast Liesje De Backer, Amber Goethals & Sarah Vangeel
scenography Michiel Van Cauwelaer
costumes Vivianne Van der Poel
sound and technicians Saul Mombaerts & Frouke Vangheluwe
production Cie Barbarie & Villanella


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