• Place BRONKS - grote zaal
  • Length'60

Alles is opgelost (Everything is Solved) is a lively quest for the ultimate truth. Five eccentrics carry you off to their musical laboratory. Accompanied by smoking guitars and steaming synthesisers, they lead you from scientific experiments through quantum physics to conspiracy theories.

Will they discover the ultimate truth? And will it be any comfort? Does this truth actually need to be found? Isn’t the pleasure of the quest much finer than the kick of finding what you were looking for?

Alles is opgelost (Everything is Solved) is an ode to the unfettered imagination.


concept Mambocito Mio & Benne Dousselaere
actors Bernard Van Eeghem, Anna Vercammen, Wannes Gyselinck, Pieter Willems and Geert Vandyck
coaching Raven Ruëll
set design Simon Callens
costumes Ellen De Naeyer and Leila Boukhalfa
technique Dries Van de Velde and Koen De Saeger


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