• Place
  • Length60''
  • LanguageDutch, French surtitled

In MAMMOETATNU,  Sofie, Wanda and Roel fly through evolution at top speed. They start with nothing and end up with everything, or at least with quite a lot. They look at the animals that didn’t quite make it, how icy the ice age was, and how extraordinary man really is. You could call it ‘Evolution Theory for Dummies’.  Instructive, hilarious, sensitive and a lot to think about.

from and with Roel Swanenberg, Sofie Palmers, Wanda Eyckerman, Katrien Pierlet, Bruno Herzeele and Elke Thuy
cast Roel Swanenberg, Sofie Palmers and Katrien Pierlet
technicians Thomas Clause and Peter Brughmans


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