• Place BRONKS - plein
  • Price EU 5/person
  • Length20'

PAKMAN  lives  faster  than  a  mouse  can  click.  Drives  around  the  country  to  deliver  packages  –  always precisely on time. 1 package, 2 forms, 3 stamps, 6 autographs, 450 times a day, 159.750 packages a year and in return 10 holidays. PAKMAN is a sole and invisible man in our virtual economy. On board of his small truck, PAKMAN invites the audience for a rhythmical circus performance.  
PAKMAN  is a duel  between  the  rhythms  of juggler  Stijn  Grupping  and  drummer  Frederik  Meulyzer. Together  they explore  the hastiness  of ‘our’ time. How does this imposed  speed  oppose  our natural rhythms  such  as  breathing  and heartbeat?  Stijn  and  Frederik  let  the  rhythms  and  routines  of  their bouncing balls and drums dialogue. Their instruments harmonize and clash. 


“PAKMAN is without doubt the discovery of the festival. Energetic sweat, rhythm and detail: Post uit Hessdalen has got it all.”
De Gentenaar 19/07/2016

“Post uit Hessdalen is the revelation between all that new talent. (…) Juggler Stijn Grupping performs the line worker of this era.”
De Standaard 13/08/2016


a creation of Stijn Grupping, Frederik Meulyzer and Ine Van Baelen
scenography Reinout Hiel Choreography Karolien Verlinden
costumes Linse Van Gool
graphic design Vildana Memic 
management Klein Verzet
coproduction Theater op de Markt and MiramirO
with the support of Flanders State of the Art, Province of Antwerp and City of Antwerp 


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