• Place Maria-Boodschaplyceum
  • Length55'

In Mieren slapen nooit (Ants Never Sleep), you enter a world that’s covered from top to bottom with newspaper. Welcome to the habitat occupied by Margriet Van den Eynde, a woman who likes to tell you everything she knows. She helps you understand the world. Because knowing is reassuring.

Mieren slapen nooit (Ants Never Sleep) is a heart-warming, challenging performance about the eternal struggle between nature and culture. And about how to survive in these times of overkill.


concept Greet Jacobs, Julie Delrue, Alexia Leysen
direction Alexia Leysen
cast Greet Jacobs of Julie Delrue of Femke Stallaert
set design Michiel Soete
production Villanella & BRUT


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