• Place La montagne magique, Brussel, BE - grote zaal
  • Length50'
  • LanguageFrench, Nederlands boventiteld

Grandmother Thorn lives alone with her dachshund Carpet, a dog that ‘hates children’. Every morning she watches her serial, A Rose on the Wall, and then goes out to weed at the end of the garden. Leopold is sent to spend his holiday with his grandmother and while there has to prune prickly bushes full of thorns. Grandma Thorn makes soup for the evening meal… nettle soup!

A silhouette performance that will keep you on tenterhooks. 

concept, technical realization shadows Théodora Ramaekers                                                 
direction Manah Depauw
cast shadows Virginie Gardin et Théodora Ramaekers
music and sounds Jean-Luc Millot


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