• Place BRONKS
  • Price €8/€10/festival pass (€80/#10)
  • Length45'
JAN Joris.
JORIS Why do people get ill?
JAN I don’t know. Perhaps because otherwise things would be too easy? If everyone were always healthy, how would doctors make their living? And the hospitals would be in a sad state.
JORIS Is it as simple as that?
JAN Definitely!
Most difficult things are often very simple.
But again that makes it difficult, because it’s so simple.
JORIS You’re really clever.
JAN No, but I like making up answers.

Give Me Back My Hand may be this season’s best-kept secret. … You feel that in many respects this story is taken from life, inspired in part by the experiences of Jan De Brabander, the stage designer at the BRONKS theatre company in Brussels, who has been suffering from Parkinson’s disease for the last five years. That makes this production one of the most real and sincere that we have seen this season.’ - from the Theatre Festival jury report.

‘Hessels and Van den Brande go for emotion, but without becoming corny. … Men’s tough talk and a soft heart: this play has both.’ – Het Nieuwsblad

Several years ago, Jan De Brabander, stage designer at BRONKS and elsewhere, heard that he was suffering from a disease. One with just a single certainty: that it would only get worse. How much worse? How soon? No one knows. Jan told his story to Joris Van den Brande, who sublimely distilled a universal story from it.

Something may fall on your head at any time, but you can’t always keep a helmet on. Or can you?

Give Back My Hand is a piece about an incurable disease, destiny, the fragility of things, the awkward reactions of bystanders and all the tragic and comical situations that ensue.
A conversation between two friends.
With no taboos, but packed with humour.

Give Me Back My Hand was selected for the 2018 Theatre Festival.


from and with Jan De Brabander and Joris Van den Brande


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