• Place KVS BOX, Brussel, BE

Five men.
To tell their story, they frantically throw their bodies into the fray.
Against each other and for each other,
Till the bittersweet end.

Bangin' on the Bongo like chimpanzees.
Boyish dreams and real life.

Chicks for money and nothing for free is an exercise
in happiness and manliness.
A quest for an ideal world where everything is possible
and seemingly nothing is pretence.

Whether you call it dance theatre, movement theatre or a physical show,
Chicks for money and nothing for free is an exhausting pitched battle.

This performance will replace the KIP’s We might as well fail. Unfortunately the latter has had to be cancelled due to a serious back injury sustained by one of the actors.
Chicks for money and nothing for free is a worthy replacement, however. The performance was staged at our first EXPORT / IMPORT FESTIVAL in 2012 and was a true hit.
Chicks for money and nothing for free then went on an extensive and successful international tour.
This top-class production will be performed one more time, and for the very, very last time, specially for BRONKS.


Met en van: Gilles De Schryver, Arend Pinoy, Oliver Roels, Robrecht Vanden Thoren, Boris Van Severen (vervangt Hendrik Van Doorn) en Yahya Terryn
Dramaturg: Ellen Stynen
Coach: Pieter Ampe
Lichtontwerp: Dirk Du Chau
Techniek: Jeroen Doise, Tijs Michiels (stage), Bardia Mohammad, Sebastien Van Huffel
Productieleiding: Karel Clemminck
Assistentie: Lara D’Hose (stage)
Productie: het KIP & Kopergietery

dank u Swing, Giovani Van Hoenacker, Rinus Samyn, Jelle Clarisse (stage haarsnit & beauty), Bernadette Damman, CAMPO, NTGent


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