Bizarre rules and regulations.
Strange characters with their own language and speed of step.
Forms, stamps and files.
Welcome to TRIBUNAL; a damp underground world where people want to keep everything neat and tidy, however chaotic the process.

Take your seats.
Vote, sing, protest, shout or say nothing.
Speak with your tongue back to front.
Just don’t make a spectacle of yourself.
Then again …

Following the success of Klutserkrakkekilililokatastrof, created by Ballet Dommage at fABULEUS, here is another show for children, this time at BRONKS. For this one too, a warm yet curious experience is the order of the day.


Concept Maxim Storms, Katrien Valckenaers (Ballet Dommage)
Spel Hendrik Van Doorn, Lieselotte De Keyzer, Katrien Valckenaers, Maxim Storms
Eindregie Randi De Vlieghe
Vormgeving Rachid Laachir
Kostuum Rosa Schützendorf
Muziek Gerrit Valckenaers
Productieleiding Ellen De Naeyer
Met de steun van taxshelter van de Belgische Federale Overheid
Coproductie Perpodium


Tue 29/12/2020, 15:00 BRONKS NL  WAITING LIST
Wed 30/12/2020, 15:00 BRONKS NL  WAITING LIST
Sun 10/01/2021, 15:00 BRONKS NL  WAITING LIST

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