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A mouflon/sea bass/barnacle goose are in a football team along with a grass-snake/porpoise/llama, together with their classmates the wood pigeon/stone martin/dairy cow. One day the shrew/tapir/reed warbler don’t turn up for training. Which is weird. He/she/it always turns up. And he/she/it was supposed to bring the goal-keeper’s gloves. And what’s more, it’s raining.  

In this show, Jetse Batelaan takes everyday things and turns them into a dreamlike musical. With animal costumes, a real dog and live music.  

What would our lives look like if we looked at them from a distance? 


Regie Jetse Batelaan
Spel/zang Sieger Baljon, Tjebbe Roelofs, Anneke Sluiters, Nimuë Walraven
tem Leny Breederveld
Muziek Keimpe de Jong
Kostuums Liesbet Swings
Scenografie  Marloes en Wikke
Lichtontwerp Bart van den Heuvel
Regie-assistentie Lara van Hoof
Met dank aan Arjen de Leeuw, Tg Oostpool


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