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Taama* brings together a female singer from Burkina Faso and a Breton violinist in a colourful world which mixes traditional children’s songs and classic melodies.
The singer is looking for a new home. In her bags she carries all the instruments which remind her of the tones, sounds, and songs of the land which she has abandoned. Those bags contain all her memories, they serve as precious treasures. The violinist accompanies her along the way as a musical and amicable companion.

*tamaa = ‘journey’ in the Dioula language of Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast


regie Gaëtane Reginster
spel Aïda Dao of Nadège Ouédraogo (zang), Benoit Leseure (muziek)
verzameling Burkina Faso Alain Hema
scenografie Laurence Grosfils et Yves Hanosset
kostuum Marie-Ghislaine Losseau
in samenwerking met Théâtre Soleil (Burkina Faso)


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