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Two performers, a theatre technician, and a musician are waiting for their performance to start. Everything is ready, but where’s the audience? More uncertainties soon emerge. Who’s going to play the piano? Whose coffee mug is that flying through the air? And which ghost has run off with the extension leads? Are they actually there? And can you really see them or do you just have to believe?

The invisible man is about everything you don’t see. And, secretly, how good it is not to be seen. The performance has been nominated for the VSCD Mime Prize and the annual Gouden Krekel, was selected by The Theater Festival, and we love it.


regie Jetse Batelaan
spel René Groothof, Marijn Brussaard, Nimuë Walraven
muziek Keimpe de Jong i.s.m. Arend Niks
decorontwerp Theun Mosk
assistent decorontwerp Eva Koopmans
lichtontwerp Bart van den Heuvel
kostuums Liesbet Swings



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