• Place La montagne magique, Brussel, BE

A few vinyl discs by David Bowie and a yellow ball are all that Pierre Paul Constant needs to transform loneliness into a refreshing and poetic pop and rock experience. He discovers new dances and brings about an unlikely sweltering sensation. This misfit brims with energy as he plays around with balls and balloons. And the spectators only want to enjoy themselves to the full!

Until now, Inti Théâtre has presented simple text theatre for older children, but now they have dived into the world of the very youngest, without words, but flamboyant and lively.



De et avec Pierre-Paul Constant. Mise en scène: Didier Poiteaux. Assistanat: Céline Dumont. Accompagnement chorégraphique: Dominique Duszynski. Scénographie: Marilyne Grimmer. Costumes: Perrine Langlais. Son: Thomas Turine. Musique: David Bowie. Lumière: Loïc Scuttenaire. Régie: Léopold De Nève. Production: Inti Théâtre. Administration: Nathalie Berthet.


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