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We all want transcendence. To be filled, haunted, and possessed by a supernatural presence.
To be intimate with greatness: saved from anonymity.’ 
From: Secret history of Kate (& the strange art of pop) - Fred Vermorel

A Kate Bush cover band rehearses for their annual show for the birthday of their musical heroine. The members share an unconditional love for Kate, a search for identity, and an urge to belong.

Yet the more rehearsal continues, the more they are consumed by their self-imposed rules and regulations. Finally, they completely lose their grip on reality. The perfectionism becomes inhuman. They go off the rails and something cruel and irreversible happens.

The band takes you on a musical trip in a forest full of insecurity and costume changes.

A theatrical musical spectacle in documentary style for anyone who’s ever had an idol. Kate lovers, haters, and neutrals unite in one hall, amazed by so much beauty and so much small mindedness.


concept & spel Lotte Diependaele, Femke Stallaert, Tomas Pevenage, Ciska Thomas
muziekcoach Mick Lemaire
danscoach Randi De Vlieghe
EINDREGIE Marlies Tack
kostuum en scenografie  LMNT (Katrien Baetslé & Eline Willemarck) i.s.m. BRONKS-decoratelier & KVS
met dank aan Volta & cultuurcentrum De Grote Post
productie BRONKS
met de steun van taxshelter van de Belgische Federale Overheid
coproductie Perpodium


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