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‘I’m going’ says one of the players early in the first scene, and he leaves the other one alone on the stage.  
He’ll say that no fewer than seven times. Seven times a familiar world gets shattered, and seven times a new world emerges from the debris. Seven scenes, always with the same starting point, and always a different story which follows.  

 Every end becomes a new start.  
Every step away from the familiar is a step towards a new and unknown future. Every change, every decision, every word, every hesitation can open the door to a new world.  
Every farewell is a promise of new opportunities, of something marvellous, the adventure just around the corner, the strength which can grow out of loss.   

 At the request of Nevski Prospekt, visual artist Paul Gilling creates a number of images related to the presentation. These works show the beauty and uniqueness of the everyday. They record a quiet moment, a short break in the rush of modern life.  


van & met Ives Thuwis, Gregory Caers, Katrien Pierlet, Wim De Winne
grafiek Paul Gillin
lichtontwerp Jeroen Doise
kostuums Inge Coleman
COPRODUCTIE met Schäxpir Festival Linz (AT), TAK Theater Liechtenstein (FL), FFT Düsseldorf (D), Les Rotondes Luxembourg (L), met logistieke steun van KASK, CAMPO & CC De Herbakker Eeklo, financiëel ondersteund door de stad Gent


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