• Place BRONKS

Great or small
warm or cold
yes or no
contrasts make life manageable.
Right or wrong – another contrast.
It’s one or the other, surely?

that that doesn’t have to be so;
that it’s not either or, but and;
not yes or no, but yes and no.

HOM(M)E is a performance without words which represents a world which we don’t know (any more), a world where it’s not all or nothing, but all and nothing, at the same time.

Can you enter such a world?  
Or rather: Can you go away and stay at the same time?


MET Tina Heylen i.s.m. Eva Binon, Ephraim Cielen, Anton Leysen, Sander Salden, Quinten Van Essche, Vick Verachtert, Tessa Verbruggen, Ellen Schroven, Maddalena Annunziata, ...
coproducenten FroeFroe/hetpaleis/DE MAAN – foto Tina Heylen.


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