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Murmur is circus-sound theatre to stimulate all the senses.  
With rustling backpacks, a landscape of speakers, and an acrobatic composer.
An imaginative composition for anyone who ever wants to be more than just a human being.

Camiel builds a world full of sound. A purring cat can be heard in a coat pocket, a swarm of bees flies by through the air, two arms make the sound of cars whizzing past. Far away there’s a finger tapping on a window. The noise becomes sea, wind, and breath. With the audience as attentive observers, Camiel bends over backwards, leaps, falls, and flies to compose the world.  
Suddenly, the audience’s backpacks start to hum. Everything and everyone becomes part of a whirlwind of sound in a loudspeaker landscape.


concept Hanne Vandersteene, Mahlu Mertens, Stijn Dickel
acrobatie Camiel Corneille
regie Hanne Vandersteene, Mahlu Mertens
dramaturgie Mieke Versyp
geluidscompositie Stijn Dickel (Aifoon)
softwareontwikkeling Tim de Paepe
hardware Jeroen Vandesande
kostuums Dorine Demuynck
coproducenten Aifoon, Provinciaal domein Dommelhof/Theater op de Markt, De Grote Post, C-Takt, MiraMiro, Sabam for Culture
met steun van De Vlaamse Overheid, Stad Gent, Circuscentrum, Circusnext
met dank aan Sterre De Vresse, Ward Mortier, Camille Paycha
shortlisted circusnext 2018-2019, European programme coordinated by circusnext and supported by the European Union


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