• Place BRONKS

Five players from Compagnie Barbarie.
five players from Theater Stap.
That means ten players on the stage.
Or maybe not?

Something strange happens in Mise en Place. Above has become below. And left and right are now together the middle. But ‘I’, too, seem to consist of more parts.

In Mise en Place, Compagnie Barbarie and Theater Stap go off. Or double treble double. Because in the world of Mise en Place ‘I’ doesn’t stop at the borders of one’s own body. In that world, ‘I’ is more than that . ‘I’ encounters itself there. Countless versions of itself even. ‘I’ is double. ‘I’ has perhaps never been just myself. ‘I’ was always already someone else. A performance where the ego makes way for the alter ego.


concept compagnie barbarie
spel Liesje De Backer, Karolien De Bleser, Amber Goethals, Lotte Vaes, Sarah Vangeel, Ann Dockx, Jan Goris, Luc Loots, Leen Teunkens, Rik Van Raak, Anke Verwaest
regie Renée Goethijn
scenografie Michiel Van Cauwelaert
kostuums Viviane van der Poel & t.b.
geluid & techniek Saul Mombaerts, Jannes Dierynck
productie & technische realisatie hetpaleis, cie Barbararie, Theater Stap, BRONKS, KOPERGIETERY


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