• Place BRONKS
  • Price all day (free) party for everyone without reservation - in addition to the festive program there will be continuous side activities and food & drinks.
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    party from 11 am until the wee hours of the night

    all day long: sun terrace, surprise acts, music, piñatas, food & drinks

We will be celebrating our 30th anniversary with a big PARTY for EVERYONE.
From 11 am until the wee hours of the night, you and your child, parent, teenager, baby, toddler, grandmother, sweetheart, ex, grandfather, downstairs neighbour, upstairs neighbour, ... will be welcome to celebrate with us!
A party needs dancing, music, good food & drinks.
Add to that a portion of BRONKSness and you know you're in the right place. 


In the framework of "THE Party - 30 years BRONKS"


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