• Place La montagne magique, Brussel, BE

Cheveu is a theatrical experience in 3 parts. It all starts with an intrusion into the classroom. Vinciane, a nomadic hairdresser, has taken her place between the benches, made herself 'at home', moved the schoolbags, munched on the teacher's snack, taken off her shoes. Vinciane is a wanderer, a storyteller, a barterer, curious. She arrives unexpectedly to shake up the students' daily lives. After this encounter, to apologise for the inconvenience, she takes the students to another space and tells them her version of 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears': a musical, theatrical, wild and soaring form. 

After these two parts, scenario and storytelling, the students are invited to come back to class to discuss these two experiences and jointly tackle notions such as the relationship with others, hospitality and empathy through philosophy. 



By and with Yannick Duret and Emilie Plazolles.
Co-production and host in residence Mars – Mons performing arts,
Co-production and long-term project with a Brussels school primary class based around the project Pierre de Lune, co-production: Maison de la Culture de Tournai, with the support of the Turbulence Festival, the Jacques Franck Cultural Centre, Théâtre La Montagne Magique and BRASS – Cultural Centre of Forest. Hair has obtained the support of CAPT 



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