• Place Théâtre Marni

Huitième jour, it's the failure, the bulb that breaks, the body that falls, the pleasure of the gesture, the sudden anxiety, the triumph torn from the winds, the fingers that slip,

the pleasure of a well-conducted disaster. And what remains afterwards.

There are three of them. Who are they? What are they waiting for? And how far will they go together, pulling the strings until everything unravels, deconstructing the space, going just a bit too far, when the game of bodies and one-upmanship slowly exceeds its limits, finding all the stakes of the human being, its weaknesses, its trepidations. 

Combining acrobatics, juggling and feats of all kinds, they transport us, with a furious desire to go beyond and transgress, into a pleasurable chaos, an absurd liberation.


Met Idriss Roca, Raphaël Milland en Cochise Leberre
Externe blik Dominique Habouzit en Benjamin de Matteis.
Coproducties Studio PACT (Toulouse), La Cascade (Bourg Saint Andéol), Espace Périphérique (Ville de Paris / La Villette).



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