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    Brusselse première

What Remains is a story about starting and ending, about standing at the extreme end of a lifeline, at the point where you start as a child or where you end up as an adult. The poetry of human change, making memories, and the fear of losing them.

In What Remains, Zoë Demoustier brings together two generations on the stage, namely children who are starting out in life and older dancers who have left life behind. This results in a physical and dance-like game between old and young which exposes the perishable human body. In a movement language in which roles can be reversed, both groups stand bold, yet vulnerable. A child carries its grandparent; an older dancer rediscovers child-like freedom; the other one puts on a jersey. Who takes care of whom? They find each other in the similarities and the differences. 


choreografie Zoë Demoustier
dramaturgie Danielle van Vree 
choreografie assistentie Oihana Azpillaga
muzikant-performer Misha Demoustier
muzikant gitarist-ontwerper Sebastiaan Wets
studiomuzikant-drummer Klaas De Somer
geluidsontwerp Willem Lenaerts
audio-opnames & interviews Yelena Schmitz
kostuumontwerp & styling Annemie Boonen
kostuum naaien & retouches Eli Verkeyn
camera & montage Michiel Venmans
COPRODUCTIE STUK Leuven, BRONKS Theater voor jong publiek, HET LAB Hasselt, Krokusfestival Hasselt
MET DE STEUN VAN de Tax Shelter maatregel van de Belgische Federale Overheid, Casa Kafka Pictures Tax Shelter empowered by Belfius. Ultima Vez wordt ondersteund door de Vlaamse Gemeenschap en de Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie van het Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest


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