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Love, Hate & Everything in Between

See me. Like to see me. Hate me. Follow me.
And feed me.
With full and broken hearts. With kisses, thumbs down, and LOLROFL (laughing out loud, rolling on the floor), I gobble them all up and collect them in my piggy bank for inner joy and connectedness. And I keep a little in my bank account.  
FEED ME PLEASE is a quest for self-esteem in the 21st century and for the impact of continual presence on social media on our self-image. A multidisciplinary and vibrant theatre drama which takes an honest look at the drawbacks of social life online.  


concept & spel Aminata Demba
concept & regie Haider Al Timimi
spel Lien Thys, Laurence Roothooft
dramaturgie Bart Capelle
scenografie & lichtontwerp Stef Stessel
kostuum Valerie Le Roy
met de steun van de taxshelter van de Belgische Federale Overheid via Cronos Invest


Fri 13/01/2023, 20:00 BRONKS BUY TICKETS
Sat 14/01/2023, 20:00 BRONKS BUY TICKETS

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