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For the performance Beating Choir/Choeur Battant by BRONKS (BE), Théâtre Le Carrousel (CA) & Creative in Solitude/Zoë Demoustier, we are looking for:

>> 100 voices (age between 12 & 21 years)

>> in as many languages as possible

What do we want to hear?

1. Introduce yourself, your name, age, where you live => in 2 different languages.
2. Describe in detail what you did yesterday.
3. What would you say to your generation?
4. With whom would you like to change a day of your life and why?
5. What is your favourite song?
6. Can you sing a bit of it? Or say it?

 All these voices become the soundscape of the performance, the sound of a generation.

Speak a clear audio message in the language in which you feel comfortable. 
Whatsapp it to +32 488 06 51 39
mail it to creative.in.solitude(at)gmail.com 


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