• Place BRONKS

We’re itching, tingling, and sizzling because love is in the air. We’re going to live together!
Moreover, we have not only one, but two partners, namely Compagnie Barbarie and Ballet Dommage. After a long-standing love affair with both private and public agreements, we’ve concluded an agreement to commit to each other for the next five years. Yes, we’re going to do performances together. Yes, we’re going to help and support each other. Yes, together we’ll inspire each other, sweat with each other, dine with each other, act with each other, strut our stuff with each other, calm each other, and honour each other. And, yes, we’re giving each other the space to try out other things, explore new horizons, and act out of the box. Yet we’ll always come home to each other.

Dear public, we’re flinging our doors and hearts wide open for you, too. Come and join us to celebrate our love! 


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