• Place BRONKS
  • Length60'
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    Belgian première

A show where you don’t want to take part 

In this wordless show for pre-school children you see how unsuspecting people suddenly end up coming under the spotlight. Just when they think they can be alone and undisturbed, they suddenly realise that they are right in the picture. There’s no escape, so, yes, you have to do something - a show or some form of entertainment, but how? 

Multi-instrumentalist and showmaster Keimpe de Jong assails actors René van ’t Hof and Willemijn Zevenhuijzen in their daily lives. Crossword puzzles, fishing rods, and washing baskets suddenly fall from their hands. What follows is a clumsy attempt to be something which they are certainly not. The puzzler begins to dance clumsily, the recreational fisherman pretends to be a tough guy, and the househusband suddenly tries to be very witty. From the panic in their eyes you can see what they really want, namely to escape as quickly as possible back to the dark and away from the bright lights of this show.



direction Jetse Batelaan 

play René van ’t Hof, Willemijn Zevenhuijzen 

live music Keimpe de Jong 

decor & light Theun Mosk 

costumes Liesbet Swings 


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