Dear Mr Beam We are including you in this 
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    artist in residence // première

Dear Mr Beam We are including you in this mailing about the re-organisation of your department. After assessing the assessment, we discovered a procedural error, as a result of which you are going to be re-integrated into a renewed branch of RRI.  HR is counting on your can-do-spirit to work out a potential step-by-step plan as soon as possible.  

With kind regards, 

What emotions could Mr Beam still experience as he closes his laptop? 
An expressive family performance about administration and work pressure in a playful world full of linguistic confusion, slapstick, and loneliness.   


Regie/concept Jonas Baeke
Spel Lucas van der Vegt
Dramaturgie Martha Balthazar
Tekst Jonas Baeke, Lucas van der Vegt 
Lichtontwerp Gilles Pollak
Geluidsontwerp Diederik De Cock
Kostuum Vesara Molla
Robotica Jan De Coster
Techniek Lene Maesen, Gilles Pollak
Productiemedewerker Sofia Van Laer
Partners Theater Artemis, BRONKS, Stichting Melanie, Larf!, Het LAB, TAZ, Sabam, De Grote Post
Met grote dank aan Floris Baeke, iedereen die we mochten interviewen
Deze voorstelling werd gemaakt met de creatiebeurs van TAZ/Sabam/De Grote Post, die Jonas Baeke in 2022 ontving.


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