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You’re standing in front of a gigantic wall. No one knows what’s on the other side. There’s a hanging sign: access prohibited for anyone who isn’t constantly amazed. 

Suppose you tread on the Sharp Stones by accident. A winged gramophone offers you a ride. You see the Bare Truth. An haunted Tree with claw-like branches begs you to turn him back into a person. In a Baking Hot Desert you have to give a finger for a sip. What do you do?   

Aventuras is an interactive quest in which the participants always face challenging choices. A journey through bizarre worlds where your courage is put to the test. A meeting with elusive beings who urge you to persevere. Be sure not to forget your passport.  

A mobile and sensual installation which is inspired by the fantastic images and texts from Aventuras de João sem Medo by the Portuguese author José Gomes Ferreira.  


concept en regie Patricia Portela en Peter De Bie
tekst Patricia Portela naar José Gomes Ferreira.
spel Celia Fechas, Sara Sampelayo e.a. 
vormgeving Peter De Bie
muziek Miguel Abras
dramaturgie Mieke Versyp


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