Louis Janssens and Willem de Wolf got to know each other when Willem, as a teacher at the drama school, saw Louis enter his class and thought for a moment that he saw himself as a student of 35 years ago. He saw the same eagerness, the same ambition, the same bravura-wrapped insecurity. Even that whole lanky figure with its suggestive lock of hair hanging nonchalantly over its forehead was, with some backlighting, almost Willem.

Conversely, Louis also recognized himself in Willem. As something you could become, even though you may not want to. As supposedly mature, experienced, with uncertainty wrapped in resignation. What do you actually see when you see yourself in the other? Is recognizing yourself in the other the basis on which and with which you learn?

Analoog is an intergenerational performance that sings and talks about childhood, about mothers and about searching, disruptive loves. A score about completed and desired learning processes. About the past and the future, but also about how to position yourself as a young – or older – person within the world. 

A performance like a large open space on which, with music, text and images, Willem looks back and looks ahead and Louis looks ahead and looks back. And somewhere in this tangle of gaze directions, they naturally look at each other at a given moment.

Like a magic ball, 'Analoog' reveals more and more colorful layers and emotional flavours. The piece is a portrait of a bond between these two men, but it transcends that one bond and also becomes, just as Ernaux masterfully demonstrates in her work, an illustration of how generations challenge and support each other. - ★★★★ Knack Focus

Looking back and looking ahead meet in this wonderful play on words and palace of mirrors. - ★★★★★ Volkskrant


From and with Louis Janssens & Willem de Wolf
Technique, light & soundtrack Shane Van Laer
Choreographic advice Femke Gyselinck
Costumes Cecile Taylor
Production THE HOW
Co-production The Latest Company
Thanks to Ferre Marnef, Simon Baetens, Peter Seynaeve, Mitch Van Landeghem & Carine van Bruggen

This production was made possible with the support of the Tax Shelter measure of the Belgian Federal Government


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