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In the musical arena of Zonzo Compagnie, kankle player Indré Jurgelevičiūtė immerses you in musical narrations from Lithuania. She sings and plays songs about old legends and fairy tales, whilst video images of swans, deer, bees, wolves, fish, stars, trees, and clouds pass by around you. 

Indrė Jurgelevičiūtė comes from Lithuania and is an exceptional musician. She travels the world with her kankle, a traditional Baltic string instrument. She starts with the music of her own country, but she improvises harmoniously and thereby also roams through other soundscapes.  



kanklés & zang Indrė Jurgelevičiūtė
regie & choreografie Francesca Chiodi Latini
video Nele Fack
geluidsontwerp Bert Cools
kostuumontwerp Miguel Penaranda
scenografie Wouter Van Looy
Een productie van Zonzo Compagnie in coproductie met KAAP & Festival Cultura Nova met de steun van hetpaleis en de Vlaamse Overheid


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