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The Fratssen family is celebrating because Robert has shrunk and it’s better like that!  
All long-forgotten aunties, aged uncles, and all family members by marriage may come and see the result (with measuring tape in hand).   

The Fratssen Family dramatises the joys and woes of the family celebration and serves the audience a buffet of unspoken feuds and well meaning motherly love.    

However, don’t expect a diet of classic inheritance discussions, divorce troubles, and family problems. This production gives those clichés a miss. The items which take centre stage are absurd matters and seeming trivia. Below those things lurk the unspoken values, perceptible tensions, and grandiose emotions which every person and family bears.  

A both connecting and alienating theatre-performance in situ for all ages, yes, really, for all ages. Everyone is welcome, with or without the family! 


CONCEPT Ballet Dommage (Katrien Valckenaers, Maxim Storms) 
SPEL Katrien Valckenaers, Maxim Storms, Mourad Baaiz, Marjan De Schutter, Leen De Veirman, Billie-Joanna Tcheke (stage), Zita Windey (stage), Victor Vermaerke (stage) 
EINDREGIE Randi De Vlieghe 
SCENOGRAFIE Rachid Laachir 
KOSTUUM Rosa Schützendorf 
LICHTONTWERP Geert Vanoorlé 


Fri 09/02/2024, 19:00 BRONKS LAST TICKETS
Sat 10/02/2024, 11:00 BRONKS BUY TICKETS
Sat 10/02/2024, 15:00 BRONKS BUY TICKETS
Sun 11/02/2024, 15:00 BRONKS LAST TICKETS

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