• Place La montagne magique, Brussel, BE
  • Price €6
  • Length30'
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What is that?
Am I that? Are you that?
Is this real? Or just a joke? It’s time to open the box!
(...) No, please, close it. I’m scared.

 In a visual performance which is as minimalist as it is ingenious, Ariel Doron creates an intriguing story using only a shoe box and, yes, his hand. A humorous, sensitive, and frightening fantasy about a lonely man who tries to connect with himself and the world.


by and with Ariel Doron
dramaturgy Tobias Tönjes
artistic help Shahar Marom, Florian Feisel, and Roni Nelken Mosenson.
co-production with the support of Erlangen Figure Theatre Festival, the Hanut 31 Theatre Gallery de Tel Aviv, and FITZ! Figure Theatre Centre, Stuttgart
outsider perspective and advice Clara Pallau Herrero, Aurélie Strohmaier, Sanni Lotzch, Mai Aylon, Sharon Gabay, Joachim Fleischer, Jan Jedenak, Frederike Miller, Sarah Chaudon, Gerda Knoche, Gildas Coustier, Marius Moses, Ari Teperberg, Inbal Yomtovian, Charlotte 


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