• Place La montagne magique, Brussel, BE
  • Price €9 / €11
  • Length50'
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Have you ever thought about the life of a puppet?

Never making even the smallest decision. Never thinking. Never choosing. A whole life under the control of others: the manipulators. Is that lovely or horrible? And what can a puppet do? A puppet who constantly performs the same show, a show which it doesn’t like? What can it do to bring about a change?
Precisely, risk everything and seize power! Finally, to boss the puppet players around. To take control. To make one’s own decisions.
Will the puppet conquer the puppet players? With or without help from the audience?


by and with Cécile Maidon, Noémie Vincart, and Michel Villée
help with direction & imagery Marion Lory
critic of dramaturgy & figuration Pierre Tual
creation of puppets & scenography Valentin Périlleux
light Caspar Langhoff
sound Alice Hebborn
construction Corentin Mahieu
magical creation Andrea Fidelio
coverage Pierre Ronti – Mes idées fixes


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