• Place Op locatie @Les Brigittines
  • Length45'

Wonderland: the land where anything is possible, including magic and nightmares.

Cruelty, absurdity, and passion reign there, just as in the dreams of children. There’s no trace left of Alice in Wonderland. There are some fascinating and abstract landscapes strewn with hybrid or absurd beings. The bare space with pink, green, and blue lighting floats on the rhythm of electronic music and is occupied by two dancers in a constant metamorphosis.

A physical, plastic, and playful journey of discovery. A liberating adventure for the body.


met Louise Loubière, Mathilde Olivares en alternance avec Angelica Ardiotconcept & choreografie Sylvain Huc
samenwerking choreografische beeldtaal Mathilde Olivares
assistent Fabrice Planquette
light Julien Appert, Manfred Armand
soundFabrice Planquette
algemene techniek Manfred Armand
geluidstechniek Bernard Lévéjac ou Arnaud Clement
make-upGwendal Raymond
Costume Dorota Bakota


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