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    11/11/2023 – 12:00 > 17:30

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    continously – no reservation needed – for free

With the project Draw me a house the artists Jonas Vansteenkiste and Thomas Jacques want to gather a collection of drawings in order to compile an archive of houses. Together they are investigating how houses can be classified.

What do the houses tell us?
How can we read them?
How do different people react to the concept of house?
Does an inmate visualize a house differently than a free citizen?
Does an accountant look differently than an artist?
Is this image and desire of a house nature or nurture and where does thi interpretation of this image start?

Draw me a house is a participatory project in which anyone can participate. 

The assignment is simple; draw us a house and fill in a short questionnaire. All submitted drawings and answers will become part of the research project, which will find its form in an installation with accompanying video.  The installation will be used again and again to collect new drawings, so the project will evolve over time, and our search for the meaning of the "original house" will continue. 


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