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Searching for the beauty of death that brings new life,
searching for an eternity of redemption in the earthly and elusive.

In the West, the fear of death has penetrated so deeply that we forget to live.
By facing death and giving it a dignified place in our hearts, we celebrate existence.

We invite you to participate in this gentle dissolution of art, man, nature and transience.

Spill The Tea is an open art collective operating from BRONKS and consists of young people including emerging artists from diverse backgrounds and different disciplines. ‘Spill the tea’ essentially means saying what’s on your mind. Sensitive topics and taboos are discussed during artistic events through performance, music, installations and visual art. The emphasis is on the interaction between the audience, the artist and their work. With an afterparty to round things off. The unifying factor is a cup of herbal tea brewed by a specialised tea master.


Loesie van Hemelrijck
Cindy Maes
Leila Alice
Olaya-Perotti Simón
Junior Nicolau Vita
Aileen Kim
Livia Slegers
Yousra El Hilali
Elita Arachige Kelambi

Spill the tea is Olivier Pauwels, Livia Slegers, Junior Nicolau Vita, Loesie Vanhemelrijck, Mona Abdul Hameed, Elita Kelambi Arachchige, Elisa Subba, Adèle Kaïdi, Noni Samou Matsedoum, Yousra El Hilali, Sara De Ridder, Cindy Maes
regelmatig aangevuld & bijgestaan door andere artiesten


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