Isn’t it about time we unravelled the truth amidst a deluge of fake news and deep fake? Yet should we combat lies at all costs? After all, we all tell lies. (Sorry, that’s a lie. According to the statistics, 1% of people don’t tell lies. Mind you, statistics are only statistics, of course.). Why do we tell lies? And does telling lies also have benefits? Lying is only serious if you get found out, surely? And lying isn’t the same as fooling around. But you do have to say so in time. That it wasn’t true. That you were lying. In the end, lying means making something up. For a joke.

A joke.

A performance which is based on true lies.



Concept barbarie compagnie (Liesje De Backer, Karolien De Bleser, Amber Goethals, Lotte Vaes, Sarah Vangeel)
Spel Sarah De Backer, Amber Vangeel, Lotte De Bleser, Liesje Vaes
Regie Karolien Goethals
Tekst één of andere Karolien
Scenografie Michiel van Snauwelaert. Wouwelaert. Cauwels. Pauwels. Cauwelaert.
Kostuums (tenzij het zonder kleren wordt) Viv van der Poel, Leila Boukhalfa
Geluid & techniek Saul Mombaerts. Sowieso.
Powered by BRONKS. De enige echte
Met de steun van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap en de VGC
met behulp van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap, VGC & de taxshelter van de Belgische Federale Overheid via Cronos Invest


Thu 08/02/2024, 10:30 BRONKS - 3e & 4e LJ REQUEST
Thu 08/02/2024, 13:30 BRONKS - 3e & 4e LJ REQUEST

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