STUDIO BRONKS is the department that engages in art education in and beyond the school building and school day. Not only for children and adolescents who are familiar with theatre, but also for those for whom it is unknown (and unloved) territory so they can discover that art is a medium with which they can express themselves. The intensive interaction between professional performing artists and creators on the one hand, and children and youngsters on the other, keeps BRONKS firmly in the real world.

>> In the Year Program, children and young people complete an artistic trajectory on a weekly basis that can take place over several years. Under the guidance of professional artists, they immerse themselves in the performing arts.
>> The Holiday Workshops are an ideal introduction to theatre and other performing arts.
>> At STUDIO BRONKS, the first steps are often taken towards professional performances or artistic trajectories with children and/or young people. This offer comes both from BRONKS itself and from external artists and partners. Announcements are made via Open Calls and Auditions.
>> Through various Projects, STUDIO BRONKS enters into contact with the world around it and builds bridges to theatre.
>> The Youth Programme offers young people space for experimentation, ideas and proactivity. STUDIO BRONKS acts as a facilitator to actually bring artistic desires to life.


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