A campaign for the Children of Gaza

Initiated by the Dutch and Belgian performing arts

For the children of Gaza there is no way out. Amid the long term hunger and thirst, the noise of planes and drones and bombs, these children are witness to, and part of, the total breakdown of their society. Their parents, their schools, their friends, and their wider family structures have all disintegrated into the rubble of war. Still… with amazing Gaza resilience, the able people are coming together to help… wherever possible.

The Gaza theatre makers of Ayyam Al Masrah (Theatre Day Productions) are among those still able to go on with some work. In the overcrowded schools-turned-shelters, the relief camps, or on the bombed out streets, the drama-teachers/actors hold drama workshops creating a place where sadness, loss, and fear can be shared and expressed. The children have a space where relaxation is allowed, where tears of misery and tears of laughter merge, and where their childhood is allowed to be.

We are the companies, theatres, and artists from across the spectrum of the Dutch and Belgian performing arts. We understand the importance of the work of TDP at this time!!! From February 19, we will begin a multitude of actions to support Palestinian theatre artists to continue their work on the streets and camps of Gaza. We guarantee that every cent donated will go to the artists in Gaza and therefore to the children of Gaza.

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