• Place Kaaistudio's, Brussel, BE
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    Childcare at Kaaistudio's

    This performance is accompanied by childcare for siblings who are too young to attend. Registration is not required, but a mail in advance to info@bronks.be is always welcome.

    The childcare centre opens 15 minutes before the start of the performance.


Binta is a tough and creative nine-year-old girl. It’s visiting time in the orphanage where she lives. She longs impatiently for her mum’s arrival. As she waits, she takes you to her secret inner chamber in the company of her mate Yoeri.

Young dramatist Aminata Demba has made De binnenkamer van Binta under the auspices of Laika. She has drawn her inspiration from discussions with adults and children who have been parted from their parents briefly or for a long time. She has also talked to specialists who care for children in orphanages. Hanneke Paauwe set out with this material and has written a bittersweet account of how it feels to have to live away from home without your parents. Together with musician Sam Gysel and director Jo Roets, Aminata tells a sensory story about the resilience of children in this complex world. Expect a swirling narrative seasoned with humour, music, and sweet aromas. Decor designers Studio Kuurjeus have designed a sensory cabinet where, after the show, you can learn about the ups and downs of life which parents and children share with each other.  




concept & spel Aminata Demba
concept & tekst Hanneke Paauwe
eindregie Jo Roets
muziek Sam Gysel
scenografie Studio Kuurjeus
kostuums Maartje Van Bourgognie
dramaturgie Mieke Versyp
zintuiglijk advies Peter De Bie


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