• Place La montagne magique, Brussel, BE


In the immaculate whiteness at the bottom of a freezer, everything seems to be fine. But a fault triggers the drama. Some organic Sicilian broccoli, a fishstick made of recomposed fish from the far north and a Magnum straight out of a TV commercial are facing the countdown to their dazzling decrepitude. Life is good, we're going to be eaten! the three foods cheerfully sing.

This physical and pop behind-closed-doors explores the frontiers of the crises we are called upon to face. It asks the question of what we are and aren't ready to put in place to continue living together. 

A delirious satire on the destiny of our overconsuming world, The thaw raises the question: Between being eaten or rotting, is there another way?



With Raphaëlle Corbisier, Michele De Luca and Laurent Staudt
Scriptwriter and director  Alexis Julémont
Dramaturge and assistant director Victor Rachet
Direction and production assistant Elfé Durçen
Lighting Sibylle Cabello
Sound Jérôme Colleyn
Set and costumes Bastien Poncelet.


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