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Why is it that sometimes I’m hot but you’re cold? Why are there puddles and sometimes not? How can it be sunny and rainy all at once and also not at all? And if it’s summer here, why is it winter there?

Reckless Sleepers an extraordinary company who make work between visual art, dance and theatre. This surreal, funny and carefully crafted physical performance explores the weather in all its forms and takes delight in discovering the world anew and how we experience it differently, wherever we are.

A highly visual show with no spoken language and plenty of music and sound effects.


De et avec : Mole Wetherell, Kevin Egan, Tim Ingram, Leen Dewilde, Alex Covel, Rachel Piekarczyk et Rebecca Young. Mise en scène: Mole Wetherell. Production: Unicorn en association avec Reckless Sleepers. Créé avec le soutien de INTEATRO Creative Residency.



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