Trailer Diorama
  • Place De Markten, Oude Graanmarkt 5, Brussel

The story starts on a strange morning, when all at once, the sun doesn’t rise round, but square.
The animals decide whether they are pro or against this “new sun”. During night and day, the audience sees recognizable worldly elements: Penguins on the North Pole, a giraffe at sunset.
One world follows another. The sun goes up and down. Until, at one point, the sun is square. The audience is suddenly confronted with an absurd and unexpected non-existent world. Two dimensional becomes three dimensional, geometrical
shapes become animals, the surface gains depth. A new world surfaces and the audience gets room for association. The undecided adventure leads to funny and touching scenes.


Creatie Hanne Holvoet, Sari Veroustraete, Samuel Baidoo
Spel Sari Veroustraete, Samuel Baidoo/ Lies Vandeburie
Tekst Tiemen Hiemstra
Technische ondersteuning Joris ‘Sjorre’ Thiry, Caroline Mathieu
Met de steun van Stad Antwerpen, Fameus, CC De Kern, Ultima Thule
Met dank aan PodVis Festival Mechelen, Gravenhof Hoboken, Rataplan, De Theatergarage, CoSta, Sven Ronsijn, Marie Luyten


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