• Place Kaaitheater, Brussel, BE
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    Childcare at Kaaitheater

    This performance is accompanied by childcare for siblings who are too young to attend. Registration is not required, but a mail in advance to info@bronks.be is always welcome.

    The childcare centre opens 15 minutes before the start of the performance.


Ode to recklessness in times of absolute safety obsession. No, that’s the wrong word, recklessness.
What is it then? Drive, glow.
Yes, you need to use your body sparingly, but do you also need to use life sparingly?

Ode / david van reybrouck

A celebration of the untamed, the reckless, the brave. A performance in the sign of bravado, guts and uninhibited surrender. Relentlessly physical and fiery. in a language of dance that develops around notions of swaying, bouncing and tilting. With bodies that search for extremes in counter-tension.

About overhauling certainties. Confronting yourself manyfold. Finishing off the indifference. Embracing the explosive forces inherent in life. About the yearning for all that is grand. About scars and the stories they leave on our skin. Thomas Devos is in charge of the live music. He challenges the dancers to leave their fear behind and throw themselves into the arena, with pure lust for life.


choreografie joke laureyns & kwint manshoven compositie en live muziek thomas devos met ido batash,ilena deboeverie, téa mahaux, zélie mahaux, kwint manshoven, juliette spildooren, lili van den bruel
scenografie dirk de hooghe & kwint manshoven dramaturgie mieke versyp licht dirk de hooghe geluid


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